Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Episode #18 - Total Eclipse

1. Song: The Man Comes Around , Artist: Johnny Cash , Album: American IV: The Man Comes Around (Universal)
2. Song: The Void Introduction , Artist: The Flying Luttenbachers , Album: The Void (Troubleman Unlimited)
3. Song: The History of Rape , Artist: Leviathan , Album: Tentacles of Whorror (Moribund)
4. Song: Stigmata Martyr , Artist: Angel Hair , Album: Pregnant With the Senior Class (Gravity)
  • Cover of the classic Bauhaus track.

5. Song: Nobody Gets Out Alive! , Artist: Alec Empire , Album: The Destroyer (Digital Hardcore)
6. Song: Decay , Artist: Nachtmystium , Album: Instinct: Decay (Southern Lord)
7. Song: Car Chase Terror , Artist: M83 , Album: Before the Dawn Heals Us (Mute U.S.)
8. Song: Apple Tree Victim , Artist: Prurient , Album: Pleasure Ground (Load)
9. Song: Norge , Artist: Thorr's Hammer , Album: Dommedagsnatt (Southern Lord)

  • Very short-lived (six weeks) doom metal outfit from Ballard, Washington, featuring the likes of Greg Anderson (Sunn O))), Goatsnake)and Stephen O'Malley (Sunn O))), Burning Witch, Khanate), along with Jamie Sykes and James Hale. Seventeen year-old female exchange student Runhild Gammelsæter, handled vocals, which are sung entirely in Norwegian (Norway is Gammelsæter's native country). During their time together, the group cut a demo and this album (Norwegian for "Doomsday Night"), which was re-released in 2004 with an extra live track ("Mellom Galgene") and some rare bonus video footage.

10. Song: Mammoth , Artist: Pelican , Album: Pelican (Hydra Head)
11. Song: Paint It Black , Artist: The Rolling Stones , Album: Aftermath (ABKCO)

LINK: Sounds of the Apocalypse Episode #18 2007-5-26

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Episode #17 - All Your Base Are Belong To Us

1. Song: Ennio Morricone, Artist: Les Georges Leningrad , Album: Sangue Puro (Tomlab)
2. Song: Earthworks / Buried In Secret , Artist: Prurient , Album: Pleasure Ground (Load)
3. Song: The Driller , Artist: Wolf Eyes , Album: Human Animal (Sub Pop)
4. Song: - , Artist: Nurse With Wound , Album: Chance Meeting On a Dissecting Table Of a Sewing Machine and an Umbrella (United Diaries)
5. Song: Incipit Tragaedia , Artist: Shub-Niggurath , Album: Les Morts Vont Vite (Musea)
  • French Zeuhl band named after a fertility demon in H.P. Lovecraft's works.

6. Song: 5 Minutes 25 Seconds , Artist: Peter Wright , Album: A Tiny Camp In the Wilderness (Distant Bombs)
7. Song: Above the Below , Artist: Throbbing Gristle , Album: Part Two: Endless Not (Mute)
8. Song: Untitled , Artist: The Bled , Album: Found In the Flood (Vagrant)
9. Song: American Vultures , Artist: The Blood Brothers , Album: March On Electric Children (Three One G)

LINK: Sounds of the Apocalypse Episode #17 2007-5-19

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Episode #16 - In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

1. Song: The Triumph of the Lazer Viking , Artist: An Albatross , Album: We Are the Lazer Viking (Ace Fu)
2. Song: Denki No Numa (Frog Voice Mix) , Artist: Ulver , Album: Merzbow - Frog: Remixed and Revisited (Misanthropic Agenda)
3. Song: Cloud Melodie II , Artist: Tussle , Album: Telescope Mind (Smalltown Supersound)
4. Song: A Paranoid Home Companion (Intermission) , Artist: Cerberus Shoal , Album: Chaiming the Knoblessone (North East Indie)
  • Just a strange, strange track.

5. Song: Unity Concepts , Artist: Mouse on Mars , Album: Idiology (Thrill Jockey)

  • Can't wait for the Von Südenfed collab with Mark E. Smith. Tromatic Reflexxions comes out May 21st on Domino.

6. Song: Postludium , Artist: Gorgoroth , Album: Under the Sign of Hell (Century Media)
7. Song: Radiator , Artist: Aphex Twin , Album: Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2 (Sire)
8. Song: Ghosts , Artist: Japan , Album: Left of the Dial: Dispatches From the '80s Underground (Rhino)
9. Song: Gd_Chck , Artist: Error , Album: Unknown

  • Copped this song off of last.fm. If anybody knows what album it's on, let me know.

10. Song: Fitter Happier , Artist: Radiohead , Album: OK Computer (Capitol)
11. Song: Fegefeuer , Artist: Peter Frohmader , Album: Musik Aus Dem Schattenreich
12. Song: Worse , Artist: Drumcorps , Album: Grist (Cock Rock Disco)
13. Song: Drowning in Brown , Artist: Vincent Gallo , Album: Buffalo 66 (Will)
14. Song: Gay Priest (Pt. 1) , Artist: Nursing Home , Album: God Bless America!!! (Self-Released)
15. Song: Pleased With Being Alive , Artist: Christoph de Babalon , Album: Love Under Will (Fischkopf Hamburg)
16. Song: Flight of the Wounded Locust , Artist: The Locust , Album: Flight of the Wounded Locust (Gold Standard Laboratories)

LINK: Sounds of the Apocalypse Episode #16 2007-5-12

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Episode #15 - They Only Come Out at Night

1. Song: Dark Night , Artist: The Blasters , Album: From Dusk Till Dawn (Sony)
2. Song: Loose , Artist: Boris , Album: Dronevil: Final (Inoxia)
3. Song: Bela Lugosi's Dead , Artist: Bauhaus , Album: Left of the Dial: Dispatches from the '80s Underground (Rhino)
  • Four-disc boxed set on the excellent Rhino label. Also includes tracks by Dinosaur Jr., Throbbing Gristle, R.E.M., Depeche Mode, Ministry, Bad Brains, Jane's Addiction, Cocteau Twins, Butthole Surfers, Dead Kennedys, Mission of Burma, New Order, Black Flag, and many more.

4. Song: If You're a Wizard, Then Why Do You Wear Glasses? , Artist: Liars , Album: They Were Wrong, So We Drowned (Mute)
5. Song: Greasy Spoon , Artist: Throbbing Gristle , Album: Part Two: Endless Not (Mute)

  • First album from Throbbing Gristle in over 20 years. The new album is a mixed affair, akin more to 20 Jazz Funk Greats than any of the Report albums. Most noticeable are the clean production values and Genesis P-Orridge's attempts to actually sing, where he falls flat most of the time, except on "Lyre Liar". All in all, kind of so-so; I'm just glad it's not an absolute stinkbomb, although the cover art is terrible. Tracks like this one, along with the opener "Vow of Silence", are great though.

6. Song: Lynch , Artist: Dälek , Album: Abandoned Language (Ipecac)
7. Song: Danse Macabre , Artist: Celtic Frost , Album: Morbid Tales (Metal Blade)
8. Song: The Crossing , Artist: Amps for Christ , Album: Every Eleven Seconds (5 Rue Christine) 9: Song: Lily, Henry, and The Willow Trees , Artist: Marissa Nadler , Album: The Saga of Mayflower May (Eclipse)

LINK: Sounds of the Apocalypse Episode #15 2007-5-5

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