Monday, March 19, 2007

Episode #8 - The Infected

This episode is a Part Two of sorts to Episode #7. It's a pretty claustrophobic mix as a whole, there's really no room to stop for air, which I think contrasts nicely with a lot of the drone and ambience present in the last episode.

1. Song: (Intro) Engineering a Pill Frenzy , Artist: Agoraphobic Nosebleed , Album: Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope (Relapse)
2. Song: Saddest , Artist: Drumcorps , Album: Cock Rock Disco 2006 (Cock Rock Disco)
  • Grindcore mash-up, for lack of a better term, of Converge's "The Saddest Day" condensed to about a minute-thirty (from around seven minutes), so you can imagine how insane this shit is. Apparently Drumcorps, also known as Aaron Spectre, does whole albums of this stuff, combining breakcore with grindcore and blast beats. His 2006 album Grist, also pulls material from Botch, Pig Destroyer, and Cave In, and this song is also on a free Cock Rock Disco sampler available for download at their website. I may have to pick this album up.

3. Song: Untitled , Artist: The Pervatrons , Album: Songs of the Dead II: Idle Hands (And Here My Troubles Began)
4. Song: A .45 Caliber Defibrillator, a Prototype of Sorts , Artist: Found Dead Hanging , Album: BMA Vs Metal Blade Vs Robotic Empire Sampler 2004 (Black Market Activities / Metal Blade / Robotic Empire)
5. Song: About a Plane Crash , Artist: Suicide Silence , Album: Suicide Silence (Third Degree)
6. Song: Imogen's Puzzle , Artist: Psyopus , Album: Ideas of Reference (Metal Blade)
7. Song: Horror Theme Song , Artist: Suicide Note , Album: Songs of the Dead II: Idle Hands (And Here My Troubles Began)
8. Song: - , Artist: Merzbow , Album: Merzbuta (Important)

  • Not to be confused with the album Merzbuddha, also on Important Records.

9. Song: You Can't Help Me , Artist: Pedestrian Deposit , Album: Fatale (Hanson)

  • Interesting album, this one. Four tracks that alternate between harsh noise ala John Wiese and ambient, melodic interludes.

10. Song: The White Mice , Artist: White Mice , Album: ASSPhiXXXEATATESHUN (Load)
11. Song: Descent to Mimas , Artist: Bastard Noise , Album: Descent to Mimas (Ground Fault)
12. Song: Untitled , Artist: Last Remaining Pinnacle , Album: Songs of the Dead II: Idle Hands (And Here My Troubles Began)
13. Song: Woe is the Contagion , Artist: Twilight , Album: Twilight (Southern Lord)
14. Song: Jones From Indiana , Artist: Daughters , Album: Canada Songs (Robotic Empire)
15. Song: Willie Loman , Artist: Ed Gein , Album: Ed Gein (Hex)

  • I actually pulled this from the long out-of-print self-titled three-song demo CD (self-released I'd imagine), although it's also available on the LP version (along with the other two demo tracks) of It's a Shame That a Family Can Be Torn Apart by Something as Simple as a Pack of Wild Dogs on Hex Records.

16. Song: On Top , Artist: Whitehouse , Album: Birthdeath Experience (Come Organisation)
17. Song: Born Different , Artist: Usurp Synapse , Album: Disinformation Fix (Alone)

  • From the double-CD discography. These guys reformed in July 2004 to record new material, and are currently in the process of mixing and finishing vocals for their next album, titled Vile Contamina.

18. Song: (The Pipes) , Artist: Excepter , Album: Alternation (5 Rue Christine)
19. Song: SGNL>02 , Artist: Isis , Album: Celestial (Escape Artist)
20. Song: Intro , Artist: Pig Destroyer , Album: Terrifyer (Relapse)

LINK: Sounds of the Apocalypse Episode #8 2007-3-17

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