Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Broadcast live on WELH 88.1 FM in Providence, Rhode Island from 1 AM - 2AM on Saturdays, Sounds of the Apocalypse is also available as a weekly podcast.

I chose songs and/or samples not necessarily based on their lyrical content or aim (i.e. they don't specifically have to be about the end of the world), but rather based on their overall sound or musical transitions of evoking feelings in the listener that this is what they would hear as a soundtrack for the day the world ends. In this respect, I value track transitions, spacing, and pacing over anything else. In the past, I've also done shows for WERW 1570 AM in Syracuse, New York, and when I'm not programming for WELH I do web development for an alarm monitoring company.

I also welcome posts for musical and/or audio suggestions or requests for future episodes.


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