Friday, February 2, 2007

Episode #2 - Hacked to Bits

1. Song: The Clavicle of Solomon , Artist: John Zorn , Album: I.A.O. (Tzadik)
2. Song: I Cannot Feel You as the Dogs Are Laughing and I Am Blind , Artist: Nurse With Wound , Album: Homotopy to Marie (United Diaries)
3. Song: Xualaux , Artist: Andy Puls (Neon Hunk) , Album: Pick a Winner (Load)
  • Off the DVD/CD compilation on Load Records featuring Forcefield, White Mice, Pink and Brown, Lightning Bolt, Pleasurehorse, Pixeltan, Gerty Farish, and others.

4. Song: Astral Dustbin Dirge , Artist: Nurse With Wound , Album: Homotopy to Marie (United Diaries)
5. Song: bassAliens , Artist: Sunn O))) , Album: White2 (Southern Lord)
6. Song: Track 01 , Artist: Gerritt , Album: Space Level Blaze (Misanthropic Agenda)

  • All six tracks on Space Level Blaze are untitled. Excellent use of stereo panning on this track - and throughout the rest of the album - makes this sound like an amped-up version of Neu!'s "Super 16" (specifically those dinosaur growls in the background). Gerritt [Wittmer] has collaborated with Ginnungagap (Stephen O'Malley of Sunn O))) and Tim Wyskida of Khanate), Axolotl, D. Yellow Swans, and LHD, as well as helping on production of Yellow Swans' psych-noise splatterfest Psychic Secession.

LINK: Sounds of the Apocalypse Episode #2 2007-2-3

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