Thursday, April 10, 2008

Episode #64 - Into the Void

1. Song: Intro , Artist: Xasthur , Album: The Funeral of Being (Blood Fire Death)
2. Song: Pat Garrett , Artist: Magik Markers , Album: Boss (Ecstatic Peace)
3. Song: Human Animal , Artist: Wolf Eyes , Album: Human Animal (Sub Pop)
4. Song: Metal Machine Music, Part III , Artist: Lou Reed , Album: Metal Machine Music (Buddha)
5. Song: Army of Me , Artist: Liars , Album: Stereogum Presents... Enjoyed: A Tribute To Björk's Post (Stereogum)
  • Following in the footsteps of prior Stereogum-curated tribute albums (see Drive XV: A Tribute to R.E.M.'s Automatic for the People and OKX: A Tribute to Radiohead's OK Computer) comes this track-by-track cover of Björk's Post, which, along with Liars, features contributions from Dirty Projectors ("Hyperballad"), Xiu Xiu ("Isobel"), Atlas Sound ("Headphones"), No Age ("It's Oh So Quiet (Alternate Take)"), and others. This one starts off with the sound of a shotgun loading before sickeningly lurching along at half speed, all distorted and compressed to hell, with Angus Andrews' croon floating over the top. Brings to mind the stuff from the 2004 EP There's Always Room On the Broom and the split with Oneida.
6. Song: The Beat Dies , Artist: The Raveonettes , Album: Lust, Lust, Lust (Vice)
7. Song: The Work In Question is Unbeknowst to Most , Artist: Drekka Conducts the Mt. Gigantic Drone Orchestra , Album: Songs for the End of the World (Silber)
  • Limited run (100!), O.O.P. compilation album of ambient drones, spooky folk, glitch noise and minimalist guitar tones that can now be found on Also features Remora, The Land of Nod, Jessica Bailiff, Max Soren, Rivulets, Rollerball, and more, with cover art taken from a bunch of WWII photos snapped by the compiler's great uncle.
8. Song: Track 5 , Artist: Formication , Album: Agnosia (Dark Winter)
9. Song: Eloper , Artist: Scott Tuma , Album: Not for Nobody (Digitalis Industries)

LINK: Sounds of the Apocalypse Episode #64 2008-4-12

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