Monday, March 24, 2008

Episode #61 - Funeral March

1. Song: Sweet Love for Planet Earth , Artist: Fuck Buttons , Album: Street Horrrsing (ATP)
2. Song: Rationed Rot , Artist: Wolf Eyes , Album: Human Animal (Sub Pop)
3. Song: Sixteen Seconds Happy , Artist: Vincent Gallo , Album: Buffalo 66 (Will)
4. Song: Tweedle Dee , Artist: Lavern Baker , Album: The Departed (Warner Sunset)
5. Song: Ratnoise , Artist: Indian Jewelry , Album: Invasive Exotics (Monitor)
6. Song: Army Corpse/Supermen 2 , Artist: Kites , Album: Hallucination Guillotine/Final Worship (Load)
7. Song: Invaded , Artist: Agata , Album: Spike (Tzadik)
8. Song: Metal Machine Music, Part I , Artist: Lou Reed , Album: Metal Machine Music (Buddha)
9. Song: SonDEremawe , Artist: Autechre , Album: Quaristice (Warp)
10. Song: Intro / Instrumental , Artist: Xasthur , Album: Suicide In Dark Serenity (Bestial Onslaught)
11. Song: Jane Doe , Artist: Converge , Album: Jane Doe (Equal Vision)
  • Great, epic track off of what (I think) is the best Converge album, from the opening salvo of "Concubine/Fault and Fracture", to "Homewrecker" to what sounds like two jaguars fighting on "Phoenix In Flames", to this, the final track, there isn't a dull spot on this album.
LINK: Sounds of the Apocalypse Episode #61 2008-3-22

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Blogger el autor said...

This is currently my favorite online project. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and effort to compile these gems.

I have an apocalypse-themed blog in spanish (check it out at and i would be more than pleased to interview you for it. Would you be open to that?

Please send any reply to this comment to

Thank you again, and please, keep SOTA going on forever. I fucking love it.

April 1, 2008 at 5:35 AM  

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