Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Episode #22 - Extinction

1. Song: First Scream , Artist: With Love , Album: A Great Circle (Gold Standard Laboratories)
  • Really neat combo CD/DVD from this Italian band. No break between tracks, which, along with the film (which has the album as its soundtrack), makes this seem like some sort of concept album.
2. Song: Sewercide , Artist: White Mice , Album: BLasssTPhlEgMEICE (Load)
3. Song: Theme from the Godfather , Artist: The Professionals , Album: Belize City Boil-Up (Numero Group)
4. Song: The Plague , Artist: The Chinese Stars , Album: Release the Bats: The Birthday Party As Heard Through the Meat Grinder of Three One G (Three One G)
  • Compilation of Birthday Party covers, as the album title suggests. Also features Ex-Models, Les Georges Leningrad, Some Girls, Cattle Decapitation, Error, T-Cells, Daughters (with Lex doing his best Glenn Danzig interpretation), and others. Pretty excellent stuff, and comes on blood-spattered vinyl to boot if you pick up the LP version.
5. Song: Separated , Artist: Throbbing Gristle , Album: Part Two: Endless Not (Mute)
6. Song: Open Body , Artist: Hair Police , Album: Obedience Cuts (Freedom From)
7. Song: Old Year , Artist: Jesu , Album: Conqueror (Hydra Head)
8. Song: Froggie Bee-Baa , Artist: Boris , Album: Merzbow - Frog: Remixed and Revisited (Misanthropic Agenda)
9. Song: Surf Rider , Artist: The Lively Ones , Album: Pulp Fiction (MCA)

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